What It’s About

Picture musical artists in the style of James Taylor, Paul Simon and Carole King performing their original material just a few feet away. And hear ‘em sprinkle in some life stories that went into those songs. That’s what the experience is like each month at the “House Concert” Series. All the time folks are telling us what a treasure these concerts are — comments like: “This is the best thing there is to do in Shreveport/Bossier—like something you’d only expect in Austin.”

We started with the “house concert” idea (performances hosted in people’s homes) and made it better. So the shows are a step up from the in-the-home thing—with more people space, nicer lighting & sound. But hey, we like homey, too—so the small stage and surround beckon back to a “living room” look & feel. Great live music makes us happy and we’re here to share that with our friends.

What to Expect/What to Bring

Our crowd is a warm & welcoming bunch. The atmosphere is intimate and inviting to all.  Remember this is an all-volunteer effort—so do expect some weirdness and a flexible attitude. Feel free to bring the beverage of your choice (along with cups, etc.) We welcome cash to donate towards the wonderful catered food served at intermission.  There is also is water, sodas and coffee provided for each event.  More volunteers and sponsors (to help keep this thing rolling) are welcomed!

Time, Place, Tickets

Studio 1508 has been the home of Shreveport House Concerts since 2004. Studio 1508 was founded by the late Dana McCommon, who originally started the series with a group of independent volunteers. You’ll find Studio 1508 at 1508 Fairfield Ave (near the corner of Fairfield at Jordan) next door to Harrison Paint and across from the State Office Building. Shows begin about 7:00 pm, but please arrive no later than 6:45 pm.

To guarantee a seat, please purchase your ticket online here.