Ever More Nest – November 4, 2018

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SHCI presents “Ever More Nest,” the latest project of Shreveport native and current New Orleans resident Kelcy Mae Wilburn.

Opening this show will be Shreveport’s own Jennifer Janet.

About “Ever More Nest:”
“Ever More Nest” is a new music project from New Orleans-based songwriter Kelcy Mae, who traveled to Tennessee, experienced totality, met her spirit guide, and made a record. A band with an unmistakable Americana tilt, “Ever More Nest” pairs Kelcy’s signature poetic lyricism with a musical style that can set you simultaneously on a rural dirt road and a gritty, big-city street. Inspiration for the band name “Ever More Nest” came from a line in a poem by Mary Ann Samyn, which Kelcy found striking in its ability to evoke both a nostalgia for and discomfort with place. The project’s debut record, The Place That You Call Home, is likewise obsessed with the idea of place, from the fallen trees of “North Mississippi” to the infinite stars of “Major Tom” or the streets of New Orleans in “Broken Bones.”

About Kelcy Mae:
Kelcy Mae’s southern poeticism, commanding vocal performances, and genre-traversing albums have landed her comparisons to a varied group of famous songstresses including Natalie Merchant, Regina Spektor, Bonnie Raitt, and Shelby Lynne. Whether digging into her Louisiana roots and tapping her boots to an original honky-tonk tune, or emoting alongside wailing electric guitars in a consuming 90s-esque, alt-rock trance, Kelcy Mae undoubtedly sings from the heart, which–to the benefit of audiences–is often right on her sleeve.

Opening act: Jennifer Janet
Janet is an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and performer. You can find her fronting her rock band Spectra Vamp, or crooning in an acoustic duo with Sonnyboy Rambin in intimate venues or raucous festivals. Versatile, gregarious yet powerful – you’ll not forget this artist.

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