Paper Moonshiners – Saturday, July 23

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Deeply embedded in the past, the riotously fun, gritty, saucy, sometimes sad, operatic and always soulful Paper Moon Shiners mine time periods that conjure up smoky prohibition speakeasies, dust bowl medicine shows, Mississippi Delta juke joints and Harlem Renaissance night clubs.

Elena Antinelli is a hidden talent, unearthed when she met her now musical and life partner, Frank Meyer, with whom she co-founded the Paper Moon Shiners in 2011. Her first foray as a singer into the world of live music is branded by her fiery, inherent talent which leaves audiences astonished at the gorgeous brazenness of her performance. Elena’s musical vision is strongly influenced by her wonder and nostalgia for things almost forgotten. From reading old books through dust-speckled sunbeams in Chicago antique stores to exploring countryside abandoned buildings in her home state of Texas, the call to revive a story from forgotten spirits lives strong in her musical aesthetic.

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