Steve Howell & Katy Hobgood – February 17, 2019

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Steve Howell performs with his “Mighty Men” to back his new album “Good As I Been To You.”

When Steve Howell first heard Mississippi John Hurt’s happy style of finger-picking country blues in 1965 at the age of thirteen, he immediately knew that the tame, folky style of strumming the guitar was a thing of the past for him. This revelation opened the door to a new musical universe for him. As his journey progressed, Mississippi John Hurt begat Blind Willie McTell and Leadbelly. They in turn begat Robert Johnson, Son House, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Blake and a host of other black acoustic guitar players and vocalists. Howell’s interest in rural, folk-blues styles and the history of the music led him to learn more about how this music came to town and melded with the horn-oriented bands prevalent in the cities, creating a strong affinity for him with the traditional jazz and New Orleans music of the first half of the twentieth century.

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Katy Hobgood Ray is a musician, writer, and the host and producer of Confetti Park, a kid-friendly radio show and podcast featuring music and children’s stories from Louisiana.

Born in Bogalusa, raised in Shreveport, and now living in New Orleans and Memphis, Katy has been chronicling Louisiana arts and culture since 2000, when she launched an online North Louisiana music zine called NeonBridge (now in archive). As a writer, she’s contributed to SB Magazine,, New Wave, Tulane Magazine, Jazz Archivist, and more, and worked as a radio host and content producer for NPR’s Red River Radio. Katy inherited her love of Southern storytelling from her grandmother, folklorist and writer Gypsy Damaris Boston.

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